Kodawari Ramen

Kodawari Ramen – a trip to Japan from Paris

When pushing Kodawari Ramen’s door, be prepared to get transported to Japan. This tiny restaurant, located in Paris’s 6th arrondissement will take you on a journey to Japan within the space of a meal.

First the setting. The decoration, recreating a Japanese dingy alley with suspended lanterns and Japanese posters, is worth the visit on its own.

I would recommend sitting at the bar opened to the kitchen, where you will see the cooks prepare the ramen bowls in front of you.

Let’s move on to the food. The house’s speciality, as you can guess by the restaurant’s name is the ramen, a big bowl of broth with noodles, herbs and meat. You will choose between 6 different versions, all very tasty, but the black sesame sauce one gets my preference. It is possible to add various toppings, tamago, a marinated semi boiled egg, porc slices, chicken…

The noodles are homemade, and so is the broth, and all the products are carefully sourced.

It is not possible to make a reservation, and there is often a queue, so be prepared to come early and wait a while to be seated, but it is worth the wait.

Kodawari Ramen Kitchen
Kodawari Ramen Poster
Kodawari Ramen bowl
Kodawari Ramen Decor

Price range

Ramens from 12 to 14€, toppings from 1 to 3€, desserts around 6€


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