From Vilnius to Kaunas

map Lithuania

Lithuania, the southernmost country of the Baltic States, in North East Europe is a great destination for anyone looking for culture, medieval architecture, and not too many tourists.

Here is a guide of some of the things to do when visiting the capital, Vilnius, and Kaunas, the country’s second largest city.


Vilnius, the capital, is a charming city, quite modern and touristic compared to the rest of the country. Wander the streets of the city center and admire the nice building and all the churches, there is more than 50 in the city.

Church in Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania
View of Vilnius, Lithuania

From the Sventaragio square, climb the Gediminas hill. On top of the hill, you will enjoy a panoramic view over the old town and city center. You can also visit the Gediminas castle tower, the entrance fee is 5€.

Tramway in Vilnius, Lithuania
Church in Vilnius, Lithuania


Kaunas, the country’s second largest city has a much more Soviet architecture, but you will also find a nice abbey and a medieval castle, the city’s oldest building. Every year in May, the city hosts the Kaunas Hanseatic Days, an international medieval fair, where the area of the castle turns into a medieval village, and you can enjoy music, dances, games and food stands.

Medieval castle in Kaunas, Lithuania
Medieval castle in Kaunas, Lithuania
Parade in Kaunas, Lithuania
Church in Kaunas, Lithuania
Billboard in Kaunas, Lithuania

Getting from Vilnius to Kaunas takes about an hour and a half and costs between 4 to 6 euros. The country is still very rural, and you will pass beautiful landscapes during this train ride, so keep your eyes peeled.

It is relatively cheap to eat, beer and vodka are ridiculously inexpensive, and so are taxis. Don’t hesitate to ask the fare before getting in and negotiate taxi prices.

When to go

Early May to end of July – the summer weather is mild to hot, whereas in winter it gets very cold and snowy, temperatures are usually below zero.

What to eat

Burokeliv sriuba: a beetroot soup, served cold, really nice in summer

Cepelinais: a hearty dish consisting of minced pork inside a potato and flour preparation

Kepta duona: fried garlic bread

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